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We have also heard that since Vui Kong's appeal started, there has been an unofficial stay of execution for all prisoners on death row in Changi Prison, pending the decision of the court on Yong's case. As the case has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal, we anticipate a Changi gallows bloodbath in a scale not seen since the Pulau Senang uprising in 1965 when 18 men were convicted of murder and hanged in a single Friday morning.

Singapore, which routinely persecute dissenters and critics, continue to hang young drug runners while at the same time work closely with Burmese military generals, and has invested billions in business ties with Burma, one of the biggest heroin manufacturing countries the world.


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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Author of Once a Jolly Hangman arrested in Singapore


 Rachel Zeng

We received news this evening that Alan Shadrake, author of Once a Jolly Hangman, has been arrested at about 8am this morning at his hotel.

Alan Shadrake is now undergoing investigations at Cantonment Police Headquarters for alleged offences of criminal defamation and other offences. The arrest was made pursuant to a police report made by the Media Development Authority on 16 July 2010. Alan has also been served with applications by the Attorney-General for an order of commital of Contempt of Court.

 We have been to Cantonment Police Headquarters and the police confirmed his arrested but was not able to tell us when he would be put on bail.

More information will be given when we have them.

You can also check out The Online Citizen and SDP for further updates.


  1. great publicity stunt

  2. Whoever made this comment " great publicity stunt". You are a nothing but an IDIOT

  3. Whoever made this comment "great publicity stunt". You could be right.

  4. No , Just shows the insecurity of the PAP government

  5. Oh dear!

    What a dilemma! All those young lives wasted, snatched away by the hangman's noose. Each one convinced that the system could be beaten. The poor parents mourning their sons and daughters is something we can empathise with, being parents who lost their only son.

    But our son, along with hundreds or thousands of others was not lost to the Singaporian judiciary, but to the drugs smuggled by these misled youths.

    So where do our sympathies lie? Well,on both sides of the arguement. I have to say though that those that smuggle drugs know exactly what will happen if they are caught. Their crime is motivated by greed, by the financial gain of dealing in this wicked industry.

    Those that consume the drugs are not given such a finite outcome. Therefore, I have to condemn the smuggler. It's all too sad.

  6. Could be that the Singapore Govt hates competition in the drug trade !

  7. Lee is the last of the true despots no better than Amin or Duvalier.